Monday, February 11, 2013

Good deeds

Last Wednesday, I came across a mobile phone on an afternoon walk with my dog. It was lying face down in the middle of the snowy road, nearby my house. I picked it up, determined it was undamaged, and looked around. There's nobody else outside, so no indication to whom it may have belonged. The cover made it obvious that it was a pre-teen's phone, and I was sure the kid would be very distraught at the loss of an iPhone! I brought it in, consulted my wife, and wrote a note in bold lettering that an iPhone had been found, and whoever had lost it could call me to claim it.

Days went by, and we started wondering if the person who lost it had been visiting the area, so that perhaps they'd never see the sign. Perhaps I should go to an Apple store and have them charge the battery, so that we could try to find the owner more proactively?

The call finally came Sunday afternoon, a shy little boy asking if I had a phone with this cover, and if he could please have it back. I could do one better - he's practically a neighbor (two doors down), so I promised to come by and bring the phone as soon as I got home that evening.

I rang the doorbell, and the dad answered. His eyes popped when I showed him the phone, and he thanked me about two-thousand times before asking me where I'd found it. "The middle of the road, about two hours before the plows came through...". At this point, an Asian kid of about 11 or 12 peeked around a corner, eyes wide and mouth agape when he saw his phone and heard what I said.

That's all I needed to see! I gave him a wave, shook hands with the dad, wished them good night, and went home.

That will keep me going for a bit :)

It's good to keep your eyes peeled at all times - you never know what you might find!

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