Monday, May 18, 2009

Career Highlights

You know those job search websites? Like... Yahoo! Jobs... and

Well, is a very popular site in the Netherlands. They're pretty cool - lots of features, resumes posted online, people go looking at them...

One of the coolest things is that they regularly update their website. More features, slicker look and feel, faster response times.

It's friggin' sweet. Like a racecar that just gets faster and more comfortable! It doesn't even tell you when it updates - it just happens! From one day to the next, it could get fitted with rocket boosters, or improved stitching on the seams in the leather seats. The best part is that I got an incredibly awesome job through it! Holy shit! Can it get any better?

Of course! Upgrades kept happening while I lived life and advanced my career. While I developed modules for detecting and decoding license plates in a dozen countries around the world, the developers at kept just as busy. I haven't been back to the website since - haven't needed to. Why look for jobs when satisfied with the one you have? Well, my girlfriend posted a new resume, and was happy to report she got like 50 views in a day. So I'm thinking, "hey, my resume should be up there still, I wonder how many views I've gotten."

36 this year.


So I looked at the new "Profile View". A slick overview of who I am, my accomplishments in career, education, and free time. My interests, wishes, dreams. My life in a nutshell; the page that HR managers across the internet use to see if I'm a winner or a loser, a productive software professional or scruffy basement hacker, a potential hire or a neglected file in the browser cache.

This is the section at the top of the page, highlighted for readability and optimal visibility:

* Coordinated recycling program in my apartment buil
* Worked building houses for the poor.
* I write the environmental column for a progressive
* I'm working on an application that matches users a

Carrièrehoogtepunten = Career highlights


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