Thursday, May 21, 2009

In sickness and in health...

So my fiance is lying on the floor, recovering from being very very sick. She's been sick for a week; we went to the doctor yesterday, who diagnosed her with food poisoning or intestinal infection. Doctor's orders: starvation diet and rest.

I think it was some bad tofu - I made a stirfry with some flavored tofu strips. The strips smelled suspicious, but I blamed it on the seasoning. Poor choice!

This was in the middle of last week. On Friday, we were running low on money, so we said "hey, let's get some dirt-cheap vodka and see what happens!" What happened was that I spent the better part of Saturday expelling the contents of my digestive tract in every imaginable way. The hangover passed, and time flowed into next week (which is this week). Jessica started feeling worse and worse, while I was just fine. And I'd even had more of the tofu as leftovers the following day!

The only conclusion I can draw here is that the bottom-shelf vodka and the quarter-bottle of Jagermeister that was left conspired to save me from this intestinal infection of doom. Jessica, exercising self-control and moderation, was not quite so lucky...

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  1. I still contend that drinking all that booze was a bad idea!